Memorials before 2005

Katherine Brodsky age 18 (peanut allergy) died February 1986 Rhode Island (peanut butter in chili at restaurant) (more info)

Kelly Chinnick age 9 (peanut allergy) died October 1987 Pain Court, a village just outside of Chatham, Ontario (dessert at school potluck) (more info)

Robyn Allen age 15 (peanut allergy) died 1990 Canada (contaminated knife "wiped clean") (more info)
Robin Allen

Umar Murtaza age 12 (nut allergy) died 1991 Los Angeles, CA (birthday cake containing pecans) (more info)

Michaela Mortimer age 16 (peanut allergy) died 1993(?) England (school lunch containing peanut wafer) (more info)

Sarah Reading age 17 (nut allergy) died October 1993 (restaurant dessert) (more info)
Sarah Reading

Kevin Cleveland age 18 (19?) (peanut allergy) died 1994 (1995?) Miami University (Chinese restaurant)

Lucie Crawford age 12 (nut allergy) died 1995 (a curry - take-away) (more info and more names page 5 & 6)

Louise Westlake mid-twenties (nut allergy) died December 1995 Manchester, England (hotel restaurant) (more info and more names page 5 & 6)

Joshua Ramirez age 21 (peanut allergy) died April 1996 Michigan (commercially prepared cookie)

Kristen Wyak Norris age 13 (walnut allergy) died April 1996 Nevada (more info)
Kristen Norris

Megan Morris age 13 (peanut allergy) died September 1997 Kentucky (candy at  North Oldham Middle School)
Megan Morris

Kelsie Breanne Klassen age 12 (peanut allergy) died November 1997 Winnipeg (candy at school)
Kelsie Breanne Klassen

Katherine Baker age 20 (nut allergy) died February 1998 St Albans, England (candy at work)

Laura Thrasher age 19 (nut allergy) died October 1998 Cambridge, England (dessert  in dining hall at University)

Steven Hall age 19 (nut allergy) died November 1998 in High Wycombe, England (a curry take-away)

Rajiv Dodah age 12 (milk allergy) died November 1998 Surrey, England (at home)

Kristine Diane Kastner age 12 (nut allergy) died November 1998 Washington (cookie from neighbor)
Kristine Kastner

Mariya Spektor age 17 (peanut allergy) died November 1998 New York (granola mix)
 (more info)

Joe Murphy age 18 (known peanut allergy unknown pistachio allergy) died 1999 Massachusetts

Leann Rickaby age 24 (nut allergy) died April 1999 England (restaurant - a curry)

Joe Chithalen age 31 (peanut allergy) died May 1999 Amsterdam traveling from Ontario (street vendor product) Joe Chithalen Memorial
Joe Chitalen

Ross Baillie age 21 (peanut allergy) died June 1999 Scotland (commercially prepared? sandwich)
Ross Baillie

Patrick Maxeiner age 24 (peanut allergy) died January 2000 Michigan (commercially prepared Rice Bowl)

Nicola Ratcliffe age 18 (nut allergy) died January 2000 Durham University, England (Indian food) (more info)

Sarah Hubert age 13 (milk allergy) died 2000 Massachusetts (snack at school)

Howard Intrator age 39 (minus one day) (peanut allergy and/or insect reaction) died July 2000 Ontario (while on vacation)

Luisa Dennis age 28 (walnut allergy) died December 2000 (bread at restaurant)

Nathan Walters age 9 (peanut allergy) died May 2001 Washington (cafeteria cookie on school field trip) (more info)

William Gallagher age 16 (walnut allergy) died May 2001 Massachusetts (at school)

Richard Sobrino age 38 (allergic reaction to candy bar) died January 2002 New York (at work - prison guard)

Hamidur Rahman age 14 (peanut allergy) died March 2002 Australia (school field trip)
Hamidur Rahman

Thomas Egan 5 months (milk allergy) died April 2002 England (Daycare)
Thomas Egan

Trent A. Hankins age 31 (peanut allergy) died December 2002 Massachusetts (dinner party)
Trent Hankins

Keith Allison age 32, (shrimp allergy) died March 15, 2003, New Jersey (restaurant)

Marcus Davila age 19 (peanut allergy) died March 2003 Wisconsin (Chinese food cooked in peanut oil)
Marcus Davila

Priya Iona Agrawal age 12 (multiple food allergies) died April 2003 (egg roll) Illinois

Matt Schmauch age 29 (peanut allergy) died June 2003 ? Missouri (from Tallahassee, Florida) (Chinese Buffet)
Matt Schmauch

Kate Obertelli age 21 (nut allergy) died July 2003 England (restaurant)
Kate Obertelli

Kuldip Singh Bhamra adult (egg allergy) died August 2003 England (dessert served at a Sikh temple assumed to be egg free to meet religious dietary requirements)

Sabrina Shannon age 13 (milk allergy) died September 2003 Ontario (school cafeteria)
Sabrina and blossoms confirmation & 13th bday 5/03

Chris Clements age 17 (tree nut allergy) died February 2004 Wisconsin (candy)
Chris Clements

Habib Khan age 10 (milk allergy and asthma) died February 2004 England (school) (more info)
Habib Khan

Amanda Mills age 19 (nut allergy) died April 2004 Scotland (commercially prepared? Sandwich) (more info)
Amanda Mills

Amy (Bauer) Topic, age 34 (peanut allergy) died May 2004 Michigan (Thai Food)

Phillip Heywood age 19 (nut allergy) died June(?) 2004 England (restaurant) (more info)
Phillip Heywood

Emily Givner age 38 (chocolate, nuts, seeds allergies) died July 2004 sandwich wrap at food court. Halifax Canada

Prasad Gajare age 9 (milk allergy) died August 2004 California (home)
Prasad Gajare

Alex Baptist age 4 (peanut allergy) died September 2004 Australia (school) (more info)
Alex Baptist

Sam Pettett age 22 (unknown food allergy) died December 2004 England (restaurant - a curry) (more info)
Sam Pettett and Caroline

Raya French age 37 (tomato allergy) died December 2004 England (home) (more info)
Raya French