Memorials 2005-2012

(continued from here)

Gina Marie Hunt age 14 (peanut allergy) died January 2005 North Carolina (Chinese restaurant) 
Gina Marie Hunt

David Joseph Boutot age 17 (milk allergy) died March 2005 Connecticut (protein shake - home)

Kailey Brianna Bowles age 7 (milk allergy) died March 2005 Indiana (home) (more info)
Kailey Bowles

Alison Armstrong age 11 (peanut allergy) died May 2005 Oregon (festival)

Matthew Joseph Deluce age 24 (peanut allergy) died August 2005 Texas (From Toronto) (restaurant)
Matthew Deluce

Karen Lynn MacDonald age 27 (peanut allergy) died September 2005 Nova Scotia (square containing peanut oil)
Karen Lynn MacDonald

Christina Desforges age 15 (peanut allergy and/or asthma) died November 2005 Quebec (kiss from boyfriend/exposed to smoke)
Christina Desforges

Chantelle Yambao age 13 (peanut allergy) died December 2005 Edmonton, Alberta (sweet treat)
Chantelle Yambao

Beverley Taylor age 37 (peanuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, eggs, dust mites and latex allergies) died December 2005 Yorkshire, England (home of mother - possibly peanut cross contaminated cashew)
Beverley Taylor

Amber Norman age 12 (nut allergy) died  January 2006 England (sweet treat at school)
Amber Norman

Paul Derrick Howard age 16 (sesame allergy) died January 2006 Burnley, UK (cereal bar at home)

Emily Vonder Meulen age 13 (peanut allergy) died on April 2006 Cincinnati, Ohio (commercially prepared sandwich) (more info)
Emily vonderMeulen

Brent Schivley age 16 (peanut allergy) died September 2006 Agawam, Mass (commercially prepared cookie)
Brent Schivley

Jane McVeigh age 17 (peanut allergy) died December 2006 Belfast (reaction during birthday party)
Jane McVeigh

Karim Oughton age 13 (asthma/first Brazil nut reaction) died January 2007 Portsmouth, England (1/2 Brazil nut)
Karim Oughton

Carley Janelle Kohnen age 13 (peanut and milk allergies and asthma) died March 2007 Victoria, British Columbia (burrito or doughnut from food court)
Carley Kohnen

Nathan Francis age 13 (peanut allergy) died March 2007 Victoria Australia exposed to peanuts at school camping trip to the Wombat State Forest.
Nathan Francis

Grant Freeman age 38 (allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood and chicken) died April 2007 near Auckland, New Zealand (raw-tomato dish with a sauce at a cafe)

Mohsen Hussain age 9 (nut allergy/asthma) died May 2007 Middlesbrough, UK (a sweet)
Mohsen Hussain

Jessica Cordoroy age 10 (peanut allergy/asthma) died June 2007 Essex, UK (pie at restaurant)

Stephanie Faulkner age 14 (nut allergy) died August 2007 Tipton, West Midlands, UK (curry at restaurant)
Stephanie Faulkner

Kylie Lynch age 20 (nut allergy) died September 2007 Coral Bay, Western Australia (dessert at a cafe while on holiday - hometown Karratha, Western Australia)
Kylie Lynch

Kareem Bacchus age 17 (allergic to seafood, dairy products and peanuts) died September 2007 Indiana University (dinner at restaurant)
Kareem Bacchus

Francesca Sanna "Mimmy" age 19 (food allergies) died October 2007 Lancashire, England (after brushing teeth)
Francesca Sanna

Michelle Bray age 21 (seafood allergies) died November 2007 Queensland, Australia (dim sum at office party)
Michelle Bray

Belinda Hart age 29 (nut allergy and heart condition) died December 2007 Standford Green, Crumlin, Dublin (sweets)

Andrew Michael Smith age 8 (peanut allergy and asthma) died February 2008 Evansville, Indiana at home.
Andrew Smith

Elizabeth Hoborough age 39 died Febrary 2008 (known crab allergy - unknown prawn allergy?) Prawn soup dining out. England

Carol Lynn Winston Kiener age 66 died March 2008 (peanut allergy) Tennessee
Carolynn Winston

Deja Vacey Hay age 7 (milk allergy) died April 2008 Holloway, UK  Packaged juice drink (more info)

Paul Anthony Thurston age 30 died April 2008 Michigan (peanut allergy) sandwich in jail. (more info)
Paul Thurston

Morris Howard age 58 died June 2008 Chicago, IL (fish allergy) fed fish as a hospital patient (more info)

Daniel James Sargent age 30 died July 2008 Washington (peanut allergy) cookie at picnic (more info)
Daniel Sargent

Rodney Hawkins age 35 died July 2008 Georgia (crab allergy). Entree at restaurant (more info)
Rodney Hawkins

Dexter Skinner age 16 died July 2008 Yorkshire, England (peanut or nut allergy) chocolate bar (more info)
Dexter Skinner

Brian James "BJ" Hom II of California age 18 died July 2008 in Cabo San Lucas (peanut allergy and asthma) Dessert at restaurant (more info)
Brian Hom

Christopher Gould age 14 died July 2008 Moorside, UK (unknown cashew allergy) single cashew (more info)
Christopher Gould

Mark Nicholson age 28 died August 2008 Leicester, UK (peanut allergy and asthma) Chili burger prepared at restaurant. (more info)
Mark Nicholson

Angus Myers age 32 died November 2008 North Durham, UK (nut allergy) take-away curry (more info)
Angus Myers

Danny Macpherson age 21 died February 2009 Burton, UK (peanut allergy) Indian take-away/curry (more info)
Danny Macpherson

Robert Anderson age 15 died August 2009 Manchester UK (peanut, tree nut, egg allergy and asthma) unknown source. Treated as asthma but later identified as anaphylaxis (more info)
Robert Anderson

Christopher Hindley age 35 died May 2010 from Bollington United Kingdom (milk allergy, asthma and underlying kidney disease) meal prepared while on vacation.

Yla Aquino age 17 died May 2010 Chino Hills, California (peanut allergy) prom night (more info)
Yla Aquino,

Poppy Harvey age 19 Suffolk (England) died June 2010 (nut allergy) snack at work (more info)

Charlie Fiddler age 8 England died June 2010 (asthma, hay fever allergic to eggs, milk, wheat and nuts) community barbecue
Charlie Fiddler

Darren Taylor age 44 Teesside (UK) died July 2010 (unknown fin-fish allergy) fish caught on fishing trip eaten at home (more info)
Darren Taylor,

Kevin Edouard age 21 of Spring Valley, New York on a cruise off Florida Coast died August 2010 suspected peanut allergy (unconfirmed report)
Kevin Edouard

Molly Dyer age 13 England (nut allergy) died August 2010 take-away curry (more info)
Molly Dyer,

Megann Ayotte-Lefort age 6 (milk allergy and asthma) died September 2010 reaction at evening childcare at school (more info)
Meghann Lefort

Ashley Nicole Frangella age 20 New York died November 2010 restaurant food
Ashley Frangella

Katelyn Marie Carlson age 13 Chicago died December 2010 (peanut allergy) Chinese food brought in for school party (more info)
Katelyn Carlson

Chris Smith age 17 England died February 2011 (peanut allergy) chicken and chips take-away (more info)
Chris Smith

Molly Giles age 10 died 2011 England (nut allergy) cashew paste in curry (more info)
Molly Giles

Hen Efrat age 26 Israel died July 2011 (nut allergy) dessert at restaurant (more info)
Hen Efrat

Matthew Lee age 26 California died July 2011 (nut allergy) salad (more info)
Matthew Lee

Julie Cirella age 8 New York died July 2011 (undisclosed food allergy and cerebral palsy) food fed at home by mother (under investigation)
Julie Cirella

Jharell Dillard age 15 Georgia died August 2011 (peanut allergy and asthma) commercially prepared cookie(more info)
Jharell Dillard

Tyler Cody Davis age 20 Georgia died August 2011 (undisclosed food allergy) dining hall at college (more info)
Tyler Davis

Haydn Wileman age 9 died September 2011 (asthma and unknown peanut allergy) breakfast cereal
(more info)
Haydn Wileman,

Amarria Denise Johnson age 7 Virginia died January 2012 (peanut allergy) peanut at school
Amarria Johnson